A: Building 1 (2 Storied) :

  • Ground Floor: Material Control Department / Ware House, Wash Room, Electric Sub Station Room, Meter Room, Electrical Spare Parts Room.
  • 1st Floor: Office Room (Officer & Staff, Manager, DGM &MD’s Room), Wash Room.

B: Building 2 (3 Storied) :

Ground Floor: Recycling Plant / Material Washing Tank (4 numbers), Wash Room, Maintenance Room.

  • 1st Floor: Guest Room, Wash Room, Store Room.
  • 2nd Floor: For New Project’s Room.

C: Factory Shed (3 Stories Height-Steel Structure Shed):

Ground Floor- Raw Material Receiving Area, Shorting and Feeding to Washing Line, Hot Wash Tank, Crusher Machine, Dryer Machine, Finished goods: PET Bottle Flakes Area, Feeding to Pre Crystallizer Dryer Area, Extruder Machine, Pelletizer making machine, Finished goods: PET Recycled Pellets / Granules area, Bagging area, Delivery area.

D: Beside Building and Factory Shed:

Ground Area- Security Room, Car Parking Area, Prayer Room, Dining Room, Kitchen Room & Blank open space for loading unloading area.