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Faa Plastic Industry Limited is a 100% Export-Oriented PET Bottle Flakes (Cold Washed & Hot Washed) and PET Recycled Pellets / Granules Manufacturers Company which is located in Kamal Ataturk Avenue, Sea Beach Road, South Patenga, Post Code – 4204, Chattogram, Bangladesh. And it is nearby 2(Two) Kilometer distance from Chattogram international Airport, 5(Five) Kilometer distance from Chattogram Sea Port & 5 Min walking distance from loading Depot. Basically the facility started its Journey in 2006 but the factory has shifted in this present location in 2018. Main production processes are Shorting> Washing> Hot Wash-Crusher> Dryer> Finished goods: Flakes> Pre Crystallizer Dryer > Extruder-Pelletizer Cutter > Finished goods: Granules> Bagging> Delivery. Presently they are exporting their product in Canada, China, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan and India where their production capacity is 1200 Metric Ton per Month of PET Bottle Flakes & PET Recycled Pellets / Granules. Total land area is about 32 Gonda means 27878.4 Sq. Feet.

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PET Bottle Flakes (Cold Washed)

PET Bottle Flakes (Hot Washed)

PET Recycled Pellets/ Granules

Target Export Markets:

Presently factory is exporting their product in Asian market e.g. China, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan and India as well as they also exporting their product in Canada. However, factory is intended to export their product to the European market with UK, USA Market, Russian Federation and other Asian Countries

2023 (Forecast) 6.00Million $
2022 3.98Million $
2021 3.42Million $
2020 2.60Million $
2019 1.57Million $
2018 1.49Million $
2017 1.54Million $
2016 1.38Million $

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